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Greetings, my name is Mario Gajardo Tassara, CodeMonkey and sole developer of MarioGT - littleAps Software. I has been a OS X developer for almost ten years and a iOS Dev for nearly 6 years, also I am a Antrophologist, Musician and Enduro Rider (Moto and MTB Strava). I with my family are established in the city of Santiago, Comuna de Til Til, Chile.


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Im a VIM Geek, I love this editor and I hope that you will love it to :). For all of you that dont know anything about this text editor, I can tell you, with VIM you will be editing code and text faster than a cheeta and more efficient than before. VIM is extensible, lightweight, multiplatform and FREE !!, but all this KI come with some sacrifice of your part, the learning curve is steep, and some of you will be afraid and somewhat upset in the first attemps of make use of it, but with time you will be gaining experience and knowledge needed for be efficient in daily use. You can download VIM (and read it documentation) here: VIM WebPage

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